Friday, July 29, 2005
Shout it over the Rooftops!

I take such joy in the fact that one of my clients just had to call me with his tail between his legs and tell me I am right.

He who shall not be named called me a few minutes ago to tell me he had not recieved a refund check he was supposed to get for cancelling a homeowners policy he had with us. Now he sold the home in December of 2004 but did not tell us, so the policy renewed in June. When he got the renewal he called me to tell me that he sold the home and to cancel the policy. BUT, he had paid the renewal already, so he was due a sizeable refund (around $2,000). I took care of the cancellation and getting the refund to him at that point. He has been calling every week for a month because he has not gotten the check. So when he called today blustering and insisting that he would know if we sent him a check of that size, I called the service center. They told me the check was issued on 07/06/05 and CASHED on 07/18/05. I called him back and left him a message to that effect. He then called back (but didn't want to talk to me) and told the other girl in the office that he called his bank and they told him it had been deposited by his wife.


I Love it!

Have a great weekend everybody!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005
Feminism? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
I have been reading various blogs (Stacie, Lou, Carrie, Daria, and Susan) and I have come to the conclusion that many women are still conflicted about their roles in society. Not necessarily the ladies listed above but many. Maybe I am not old enough to have gotten to the point where I will question my role, but I know that I want to be a career woman and a mother and an interesting person. (I know, I know, my blog is not that interesting, but I'm working on it.) I am currently working as an office manager for an insurance agency and have been for the past four years. I do make more than my husband but he's okay with that and he is moving up in his career. I am going to school to be a registered nurse and I want to continue my schooling and become a nurse practitioner with a master's degree. But I want to have kids and be home for them. That is why I have chosen nursing. In my area of the country, most nurses work 18 hour shifts three days a week. That will leave me time for my kids. My husband will soon be working from home as well. Now I know that not everyone can set their lives up the way I have and will, but I think everyone is an interesting person in their own right. I read so called, "mommy blogs". I find them funny and insightful. When most of your day is spent taking care of children, you tend to write about them. But 99% of the time you learn more about yourself through watching them and you grow as a person. I also read blogs of single women, women married w/o kids and all other kinds of women. It doen't matter what you write about as long as the writing is funny, witty, relevant I will read it. I don't understand some people who attack a particular type of blog. Just don't read it! I am constantly changing my blogroll, adding and removing blogs according to my interests.

People are so nitpicky! I guess I'm just weird!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005
Tuesday Music Trivia
I am instituting a weekly post. Partly to liven things up, partly to ensure that I post at least once a week.

Tuesday Music Trivia
Identify the Song and Artist that the Lyric is from.
First person to correctly answer gets a special spot for a link to their blog right on top of the sidebar where everybody can see.

Here goes:

"It's alright if you love me,
It's alright if you don't,
I'm not afraid of you runnin away, honey,
I get the feelin you won't."

Good luck everybody!
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Monday, July 25, 2005
I won!
Thank you, Jen and Leslie! My day was totally a horror movie Monday until I just got the email from Jen! In addition to a recurring Bartholin's Cyst, my driver's license got suspended for a ticket I thought I took care of and I had to deal with various people at the service center for my job who couldn't help me with a problem with a client, so I had to sit here for an hour to try to figure out a solution.
But Onwards and Upwards! I won a new blog design in the contest that Digitally Essential was running! I am so excited!!!!!!! Considering the fact that I am completely inept when it comes to the computer and poetry, I am so happy that they thought my Haiku was worthy enough. I am so thrilled about getting a new blog design, I am going to write another haiku!

Here goes:

Jenny and Leslie,
Thank you for making my day
May you have much Joy!

For the rest of you wiley bloggers out there having a crappy Monday, tell me about it and I will do what I can to pass on this happiness that I am feeling.
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Friday, July 22, 2005
Stolen from RagDoll's Domain Thanks!

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Stalking on the freeway, clutching a piece of chainlink fence, cometh Ruby! And she gives an ominous bellow:

"I'm going to torment you like it's my job, and dip you in uranium!!!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by %20color="#cc00ff" face="times new roman">beatings : powered by

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As the World Turns...
So does my mood.
Sorry about yesterday. I was in such a Tizzy I couldn't deal with anybody, let alone myself. Sometimes my emotions just get the best of me and I spiral into a self-imposed depression. It sucks.

So how are Y'all doing out there in Bloggerland?

I am better today. My wonderful husband knows just how to get me to the root of my mood and start to change it. I don't know how he puts up with me sometimes. He is constantly telling me I drive him crazy. I guess he likes being crazy because he deals with me. ;)

As I was going to work today my landlord comes out (we live in the bottom of a high ranch, he lives upstairs with his wife and kids) and flags me down to tell me he is having a yard sale over the weekend and if I want I can put some stuff out. Yay! I have SO much stuff to get rid of. I had wanted to have a yard sale months ago but Hubby felt kind of odd because we don't have use of the yard. Also our door is on the side of the house right by the driveway where my landlord parks. But, YAY! I'm havin a yard sale, I 'm havin a yard sale! Go me, Go me, Go me!

Wish me luck everybody! One last question, Should everything be really cheap(like $1 or $2) or should I try to charge what the item is worth?

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Thursday, July 21, 2005
"You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be." - David Viscott

Can it be possible for me to be more pissed off at people???!!!???
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Tuesday, July 19, 2005
It's not even that time of the month...
I have been in something of an emotial whirlwind the past few days.

Suffice it to say... this is why I love my husband so much:

He got a new tattoo. It is pinstripe wings on his back. He shared the meaning with me last night. It is the wings everyone needs sometimes to help them get back up and go on with their life. I love him so much because he is not all bluster and bravado. He can admit when he needs help. He is such an amazing man.

I am so lucky to have you, Baby!
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Monday, July 18, 2005
Badminton, Barbecue, & Baseball
Yesterday was sooooooo HOT! I melted. Having no A/C stinks.

So we had a Barbecue yesterday at our friends house. The, "official name" of the barbecue was, "Badminton, Barbecue, & Baseball". It rocked. We all got piss ass drunk and played badminton, ALL DAY! Then we started playing a drinking card game called Asshole. You get totally loopy because practically every five seconds you take another sip of whatever you're drinking. So everyone can have the same fun I had yesterday, here are the rules as we play them. If anyone has any more specific rules for how they play, let me know and I'll post them.

The Rules for Asshole:

1. The Asshole deals. They deal themself first and deal goes to the left.

2. All cards are dealt out. The last card goes back to the Asshole no matter who is supposed to get it. This ensures the Asshole has the most cards. (You do not want to be Asshole.)

3. The person to the right of the asshole is the President. The person to the right of the President is the Vice President. The person to the right of the Vice President is the Secretary. The person to the right of the Secretary is the Treasurer. The person to the left of the Asshole is the Beer Bitch. The Beer Bitch's job is to get everyone a drink and to make sure everyone is always filled up. All other players do not have titles.

4. The first game decides the order for the rest of the game. The first one to get rid of all their cards first is the President, second one is the Secratary, and so on.

5. The president can make anyone below them drink at any time arbitrarily, The VP can make anyone but the president drink, and so on.

6. Before and during the time the cards are dealt the Asshole is in power and can make anyone drink.

7. The president has to give the Asshole his worst card and the Asshole has to give the President his best card.

8. The president puts a card down first. Then the VP, etc.

9. All 2's and red 3's are clear cards. They are the best cards to have and they clear the field of play.

10. Aces are high and good cards to have are high cards.

11. The object of the game is to get rid of all of your cards by putting them down in number order, lowest to highest.

12. You cannot put double cards (eg. two sevens) down on singles(eg, one seven), and no triples on doubles or singles.

13. If someone puts down double cards you can only put down double cards higher than the ones put down. Or you can clear if you have a clear card.

14. If some one puts down one card (eg. a seven) you can put down a seven or higher. If you put down the same card (a seven) you skip the next person in rotation and they have to drink.

15. If you put down a card and the next person puts down the same card, and then someone has two more of the same card (eg. all four sevens go down) It can be thrown down at any point and it is called a social. Everyone has to cheers and drink. If the person holding the remaining cards to make a social does not get the cards down before the next person takes their turn, the social is void, so you have to be fast. If a social is called, the cards clear to the person who threw the cards to make the social, even if it is not their turn.

16. If you cannot put down a card because you don't have a card higher than what is put down or a clear card you have to drink and play passes to the next player.

17. When you get down to your last card you have to call out, "Last Card". If you don't you have to drink.
18. If you put down a card and all your remaining cards are clear cards, you get to give them away and then you are out. The two ways to give them away are a grab, where you call out, "Clear Card!" and whoever grabs them first gets them, or Trivia, where the person giving the cards asks a trivia question and the first person to answer correctly gets the card. The question can be as silly as, "What color is my shirt?" These types of simple questions are the best because as play goes on you just get more drunk.

19. Play goes on as long as you like, with people switching spots according to when they went out in the previous round of play.

20. After two consectutive times being President, you can make a rule, such as, "You can't say anybody's name". You can only address them as, "you" or, "guy in the red shirt".

As you can see there are a lot of rules that can get very distorted while PISS ASS DRUNK. Which is why it is so fun to play!

Call over all your friends, play a few rounds and let me know how it goes!

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Friday, July 15, 2005
I've never been tagged before, so here goes...
From Susan :

Where was I ten years ago?
I was in high school. I had just gotten my braces off and was starting tenth grade. I met the man who would become my husband that year. We met during a theatre production of "Leader of the Pack"

Five years ago:
I was in the process of breaking away from my mom and moving out of the house. I was also in a major car accident where my aunt died. I love you, Aunt Susan!

One year ago:
I was celebrating my one year wedding anniversary with the most wonderful man in the world.
Image hosted by
And wrapping up the most hectic year of my life.

I went to dinner with my mom, my brother and my aunt who is visiting from Virginia. We had fun! Which is saying alot!

Five snacks I enjoy:
Onion Dip & Potato Chips
Coca Cola

Five Songs I know all the words to:
Free Fallin by Tom Petty
Last Kiss by Pearl Jam
Shoop by Salt N Pepa
All I Wanna do by Sheryl Crow
Redneck Woman by Gretchen Wilson

Five things I would do with $100 million:
Set my husband up with his own bar
Set up a foundation for homeless and underpriveleged kids in America
Buy a house for myself, my mother and my mother in law(3)
Take a yearlong trip around the world
Send my brother to whatever college he wants to go to.

Five locations I would like to run away to:
Australia (I loved the Thornbirds)
New Orleans

Five bad habits I have:
Driving too fast
Spending too much money
Itching mosquito bites

Five things I like doing:
Talking to people (my hubby esp.)
Watching movies
Eating great food
Playing Badminton until 4 in the morning

Five things I would never wear:
Tapered leg jeans
Blazers with shoulder pads
A bathing suit with a skirt attached
Anything Gold lame'
pink lipstick

Five shows I like:
Mind of Mencia
The Real World

Five biggest Joys of the moment:
My hubby is happy with his Job
I am exercising and eating right
My brother is talking to me
I am happy with my job
I am going back to school

Five Favorite toys:
My digital camera
My car
My new pen
My computer
My remote control

Now I tag the first five people who read this (if they want to)

Again, Happy Weekend everybody!

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So my mommy envy has passed...
Thank Goodness! My poor Hubby was about to explode!

So I have been doing my normal blogsurfing this morning, and I have come to the conclusion that it is a pretty good day. Everybody has been happy in the last few days. I am happy. (I think the PMS is subsiding.)

Reasons why I think today is great:

1. It's FRIDAY!
2. It's Payday!
3. It's sunny!
4. It's hot!

'Nuff said. Happy Weekend everybody!
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Thursday, July 14, 2005
I was reading Carrie's and Susan's blogs today and thinking about being a Mommy. Carrie feels that women should not be defined by the fact that they are mothers. Susan feels that the best thing she could have done in life was to be a mother.

I want to be a mom. Hubby wants to be a dad. It is just not the right time right now. We don't have the financial stability we need, we are both still in school, etc. BUT, I want to have a baby so badly. Whenever I read someone blogging about their kids it just pulls at my heartstrings. I don't know why I have this almost uncontrollable urge to have kids.

Has anyone else felt like this?

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005
OOO! How Cute!
Marissa and Dustin
  • Plan to conceive twenty-eight thousand pre-paid kids.
  • Enjoy it when they chat at the most inconvenient times.
  • Are like two peas in a pod, but not genetically.
Orchestrated by ianiceboy
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You take the good, You take the bad...
So I have been working out. :P
I think I have lost three pounds. Yay!

Please pray (or whatever you do) for my little brother. He is not in a good place lately and I am worried about him. He is so very angry about things that have happened in the past (story for another time). I want to help him, but last night I did something that I think might have hurt our relationship very badly.

Hopefully things will get better.
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Monday, July 11, 2005
I am going to win a Blog design from Digitally Essential!
Here is my Haiku!

Half-baked, wacky, and wilder,
Love me for just me.

How do y'all like it. I am not much of a poet, but don't y'all know it! ( Ugh! That one made me gag.)

Thanks to
Digitally Essential for the chance to win a blog design.
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Thursday, July 07, 2005
Peace to London
Image hosted by
R.I.P. We will stand with you, London, in this time of suffering.

I am sick and tired of living in a world where there are terrorist attacks. Why can't we all just get along? I know I am naive but it hurts my heart. What do people hope to accomplish by blowing people up? The governments are not going to give in. They are going to push ahead, and TRY to make the world a better place. It is quite interesting how a small nation's insurgents have taken on a world stage. I live in NY. After 9-11, I was outraged. But I don't feel we should have gone to war. Now we have had the bombings in Madrid, and now London. When will it stop? It makes me feel bad about wanting to bring children into this world.

How do y'all feel about this?
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Friday, July 01, 2005
Now some time with Dear Abby...
Dear Abby by Abigail Van Buren

(Direct from my email, this is real, people!)


DEAR ABBY: My wife and I are very worried about the safety of our two toddlers -- a 3-year-old boy and a 15-month-old girl. Their twin 7-year-old cousins have no manners, discipline or consequences in their lives. They have recently begun seeing a psychiatrist because they have been found with knives, or making stabbing motions toward themselves screaming, "Kill me now!"
Every member of the family agrees they are out of control, but nobody does anything to correct their behavior. When we told my mother-in-law we didn't want our children around the twins without direct supervision, her response was she "couldn't watch them every minute." We said fine, we would bring the kids over and one of us would directly supervise them. This led to an uncomfortable silence that lasted a few days, until today when my wife took the kids to her parents' for a birthday party. The afternoon went by with the twins' usual defiance, rudeness and belittling of any adult in sight.
After she returned from my in-laws', my wife proceeded to tell me their bay window had a hole in it because one of the twins had shot a loaded gun through it.(!!!!!!!) I am stunned that while we have been discussing the safety of our children, her parents have been leaving a loaded gun lying around. (Publish this for the world: If you need a gun to defend your bird feeder, especially when it's smack dab in the middle of two houses -- get rid of the bird feeder.) My wife said her father yelled at the twins, although he had left his loaded gun in plain sight.
How can I make it clear to my in-laws that they must step up their level of supervision, and that my sister-in-law's kids are headed for serious trouble?


DEAR WORRIED DAD: To paraphrase an old saying, there are none so blind as they who will not see -- so stop trying to "reason" with them. To leave a loaded gun lying around with children in the house is reckless endangerment. Because it should be clear to both you and your wife by now that your children are not safe at her parents' house, visits with their grandparents should be at your house or on neutral turf. And their time with their cousins should be limited and strictly supervised, if permitted at all.

ARE THESE PEOPLE CRAZY! I am glad I don't live near them.

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