Friday, July 22, 2005
As the World Turns...
So does my mood.
Sorry about yesterday. I was in such a Tizzy I couldn't deal with anybody, let alone myself. Sometimes my emotions just get the best of me and I spiral into a self-imposed depression. It sucks.

So how are Y'all doing out there in Bloggerland?

I am better today. My wonderful husband knows just how to get me to the root of my mood and start to change it. I don't know how he puts up with me sometimes. He is constantly telling me I drive him crazy. I guess he likes being crazy because he deals with me. ;)

As I was going to work today my landlord comes out (we live in the bottom of a high ranch, he lives upstairs with his wife and kids) and flags me down to tell me he is having a yard sale over the weekend and if I want I can put some stuff out. Yay! I have SO much stuff to get rid of. I had wanted to have a yard sale months ago but Hubby felt kind of odd because we don't have use of the yard. Also our door is on the side of the house right by the driveway where my landlord parks. But, YAY! I'm havin a yard sale, I 'm havin a yard sale! Go me, Go me, Go me!

Wish me luck everybody! One last question, Should everything be really cheap(like $1 or $2) or should I try to charge what the item is worth?

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