Monday, July 18, 2005
Badminton, Barbecue, & Baseball
Yesterday was sooooooo HOT! I melted. Having no A/C stinks.

So we had a Barbecue yesterday at our friends house. The, "official name" of the barbecue was, "Badminton, Barbecue, & Baseball". It rocked. We all got piss ass drunk and played badminton, ALL DAY! Then we started playing a drinking card game called Asshole. You get totally loopy because practically every five seconds you take another sip of whatever you're drinking. So everyone can have the same fun I had yesterday, here are the rules as we play them. If anyone has any more specific rules for how they play, let me know and I'll post them.

The Rules for Asshole:

1. The Asshole deals. They deal themself first and deal goes to the left.

2. All cards are dealt out. The last card goes back to the Asshole no matter who is supposed to get it. This ensures the Asshole has the most cards. (You do not want to be Asshole.)

3. The person to the right of the asshole is the President. The person to the right of the President is the Vice President. The person to the right of the Vice President is the Secretary. The person to the right of the Secretary is the Treasurer. The person to the left of the Asshole is the Beer Bitch. The Beer Bitch's job is to get everyone a drink and to make sure everyone is always filled up. All other players do not have titles.

4. The first game decides the order for the rest of the game. The first one to get rid of all their cards first is the President, second one is the Secratary, and so on.

5. The president can make anyone below them drink at any time arbitrarily, The VP can make anyone but the president drink, and so on.

6. Before and during the time the cards are dealt the Asshole is in power and can make anyone drink.

7. The president has to give the Asshole his worst card and the Asshole has to give the President his best card.

8. The president puts a card down first. Then the VP, etc.

9. All 2's and red 3's are clear cards. They are the best cards to have and they clear the field of play.

10. Aces are high and good cards to have are high cards.

11. The object of the game is to get rid of all of your cards by putting them down in number order, lowest to highest.

12. You cannot put double cards (eg. two sevens) down on singles(eg, one seven), and no triples on doubles or singles.

13. If someone puts down double cards you can only put down double cards higher than the ones put down. Or you can clear if you have a clear card.

14. If some one puts down one card (eg. a seven) you can put down a seven or higher. If you put down the same card (a seven) you skip the next person in rotation and they have to drink.

15. If you put down a card and the next person puts down the same card, and then someone has two more of the same card (eg. all four sevens go down) It can be thrown down at any point and it is called a social. Everyone has to cheers and drink. If the person holding the remaining cards to make a social does not get the cards down before the next person takes their turn, the social is void, so you have to be fast. If a social is called, the cards clear to the person who threw the cards to make the social, even if it is not their turn.

16. If you cannot put down a card because you don't have a card higher than what is put down or a clear card you have to drink and play passes to the next player.

17. When you get down to your last card you have to call out, "Last Card". If you don't you have to drink.
18. If you put down a card and all your remaining cards are clear cards, you get to give them away and then you are out. The two ways to give them away are a grab, where you call out, "Clear Card!" and whoever grabs them first gets them, or Trivia, where the person giving the cards asks a trivia question and the first person to answer correctly gets the card. The question can be as silly as, "What color is my shirt?" These types of simple questions are the best because as play goes on you just get more drunk.

19. Play goes on as long as you like, with people switching spots according to when they went out in the previous round of play.

20. After two consectutive times being President, you can make a rule, such as, "You can't say anybody's name". You can only address them as, "you" or, "guy in the red shirt".

As you can see there are a lot of rules that can get very distorted while PISS ASS DRUNK. Which is why it is so fun to play!

Call over all your friends, play a few rounds and let me know how it goes!

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