Friday, October 28, 2005
I get an email every morning from This was this morning's email. What a way to go into the weekend! (BTW, I am trying to get a degree in nursing. I guess I had filled that out when I signed up for the email but this is the first time it's come up with these emails.)

"In many regards, Marissa, it's as if everyone is playing a giant board game, and this time around you chose the Marissa Sclafani token. Clutch!
Now, the object is not to buy properties, or to contort your body, or to vote others off, but simply to like all that Marissa Sclafani likes, to choose all that Marissa Sclafani wants to choose, and to follow Marissa Sclafani's heart, all in the tiny little turn you're given.
Proceed directly to "GO," and collect your very own Degree in Nursing
- The Universe

Soon to come: Some pics of my pretty cousin and assorted others from last night at her birthday dinner. I hope she had a good time. :)
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