Tuesday, October 11, 2005
In an effort to classify and define my self:

I am a woman. Too much for some. Not enough for others. I talk way to much especially when I am not sober. I shop at Walmart and the $2 rack at Sears. I obsess about spending $13 on clothes. I get pissed off a people who are condescending. I can be condescending my self sometimes. (Not intentionally, but some people make me shake my head in disbelief.) So in theory I am pissed at myself sometimes. I like green, red and purple. Most of my clothes are those colors. It gets boring sometimes. I very rarely wear skirts. I have ONE pair of jeans. (that's how much I work.) I hate being cold, and driving, especially when it's cold. For those of you who have met me, you know why I hate driving. For those who haven't go here. I have trouble holding on to friendships. They seem to slip away uncontrollably.

For now, that's it. More to come as it is revealed to me.
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