Thursday, October 06, 2005
To be loved,
To be unique,
To be wanted,
To know all of this is true.

That is the key to my life. To find all of these things and not in fits and starts. I think too much. I don't act enough. I do things half assed. I expect too much for the little that I do accomplish. I need that extra oomph, to get past this roadblock in the path of the rest of my life. Thank you to the rest of the world for showing me that. Thank you to my wonderfully sick hubby who puts up with my shit and talks to me for hours to glean the REAL facts of my fears and tribulations. Thank you to all of you bloggers out there who tell me I am not crazy and who I could not do without. My insane, inane ramblings obviously have purpose when put into a public ring such as this. I know all of you bloggers feel the same way: when you start to type and the keys just flow under your fingers it feels good. To have this forum for just me. I have been luckier than most bloggers I think because I have just enough readers to get some feedback on what I write but I'm not a good enough writer to warrant a complaint on what I write. I have seen some blogger shut down their sites because of negative reactions. I feel that is sad. I want to go up to those complainers and smack them with a big, wet, juicy fish upside the head. (OK, my rant has run out of steam)

Again thanks to the hubby and everyone else who shows me support, You guys are the best!
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