Friday, September 30, 2005
More angst!
So the Hubby and I are fighting. I hate it. I hate it with a passion. We've been fighting more and more lately. He feels that I am not listening to him. The problem is I can remember certain conversations quite clearly and that is not what he said. He think I have selective hearing. Then from there we start to argue about topic not even related to what we first started arguing about. Well, folks it looks like now is not the right time to rent a house. That's fine by me, just tell me. On Tuesday, hubby told me that he'd talked to the landlord and the landlord was willing to come down for us. Hubby told me to do some research on the cost of the utilities and we would sit down and work out what the number would be. (I remember this clearly, we were sitting on the couch.) He insists that what he said was that the landlord was willing to come Down to $1600 and would put an ad in the paper. If we decided we wanted the house to let him know before November. WTF??? How could I mishear that! So we argued and went to bed mad (Which I hate!!!!!!!) Then this morning he got out of the car when I dropped him off at work and didn't even give me a kiss goodbye. The day is shot. I was supposed to have a great day and a fun night but now I'll be whiny. GRRRRRRRR!

PUMPKIN SPICE BEER<>I think I'ma gonna get drunk tonight!
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