Friday, December 16, 2005
Promises, Promises
Yeah, as soon as I typed "I'll get to y'all this afternoon" my workload increased tenfold. So I didn't make it. But I'm still around jumping through hoops to make you happy. Well maybe not jumping through hoops, maybe more skipping a little as I go through my day. See I am working on only my computer at my job. My home pc decided to go pffft a couple months ago. My boss is cool with it as long as there is nothing going on so it's ok. But some days, well you know. UGH!

Got a couple high points I would like to share with you:

I have a secret crush on Steven Colbert. I was watching The Daily Show last night and Rob Corrdry was doing Stephen's old segment and just was tring so hard but couldn't quite get there. Kind of like a lover who doesn't quite satisfy you. ( I feel like my use of the word lover there was way too quaint, so please forgive me.)

My Hubs has wrote a song that I like to call Alchohol Tonight. Nuff said.

Then we were watching The Longest Yard the other day (the remake) because I just think Adam Sandler and Chris Rock are the funniest. Stone cold Steve Austin who is a wrestler purportedley from Texas, showed just how much of a Texan he really is when he said the N word in the movie. I was shocked. People around here don't really use that word. But I think Stone Cold needed to get his Texas cred back and did that to prove it.
*Disclaimer: This in no way reflects my feeling about people from Texas. It is merely a musing on wrestling and the character Stone Cold Steve Austin has created for himself in that industry. And I am not censoring myself, just trying to explain my words as to not offend anyone with my musings. ;)

Thanks to Lucinda, DayByDay4-2Day, and everyone else for all the comments! :)

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