Monday, December 05, 2005

Pronunciation: ik-'spek-t(&-)r&nt
Function: noun: an agent that promotes the discharge or expulsion of mucus from the respiratory tract; broadly : an antitussive agent- expectorant adjective

I am living off Pathtussin CF. (The pathmark brand of Robitussin ;) Expextorant to me sounds like I'm expecting to get better from this medicine. It does work but the word is really funny to me. (Esp after I take it. It's got alchohol it it I think.) I am feeling much better, but my body feels like it has been through a war. With all the stuff I had to do this weekend, being sick just made it harder. But I got through it.

I did do a shot of Jack Daniels on Friday night with my boy Mike for his 24th birthday. It definitely cleared my sinuses but left the rest of me feeling icky. We did have fun and I'm glad I was there for him on his birthday.

Then Saturday, I had to work at Penny's but after I had to go straight to my s-i-l's Sweet Sixteen. It was a surprise party. It started at 6:30 but I was working till 8 so I went to work dressed for the party. UGH! I am never wearing heels and a skirt to work again. Besides being sick, my feet hurt and my legs were cold. But I had cool tights on. Sort of like these:
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And this is me & Amanda. I'm surprised by how good this picture came out. I don't look sick at all. Isn't Amanda so pretty! She's an awesome young lady. I love her so much! She loved her party and I'm glad because she deserved it.

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