Monday, November 21, 2005
Yes, Tarek Won!

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Friday was an amazing night. I went to Penny's and watched umpteen hours of training videos. Then picked up the hubby and went to the fight. There were other amateur bouts going on before our friend so we went upstairs to the bar and had a drink and something to eat. Then we went down to watch the fight. The guy Tarek fought looked nothing like the picture in the flyer below. He was hispanic not asian and he was a big bruiser kind of guy. But Tarek kiked the stuffing out of him, literally! Then after he won we all went out to celebrate. There was a bunch of people there who I hadn't seen in awhile so we had fun.

Not much else to say though. My mom is going to Virginia with my brother to visit my aunt for Thanksgiving. I am glad she is because I know she misses her sister. It also makes things easier for us because we only have to visit two houses not three. (Hubby's mom then his grandma.)

I hope she has a good time.

And now for the FUNNY:
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