Monday, November 14, 2005
Don't Judge
I was at the just at the grocery store and came upon a somewhat startling realization. People (including myself) automatically judge other people. I was just at the store to stock up on soup for work (even though it's like 70 degrees here, IN NOVEMBER!) and I was waiting at the express line. In front of me were two ladies. Here's where the judging part comes in. The first lady was about 60 yrs old but dressed in work wear. Hot pink knee length skirt, high heeled knee length black suede boots. And a pink and black tweed jacket that was two sizes two big. She then proceeded to pay for her five items with a $21 check! This was after she fished her turquoise wallet/checkbook out of her two foot wide pocketbook. Then as she went to walk away her pocketbook got stuck on the metal rack holding the plastic bags. It fell a made a VERY loud noise. I kind of rolled my eyes at the fact that she tried so hard to look put together but just SO wasn't. I feel bad about judging her. She was probably just having a really bad Monday. We all do it though. We just don't talk about it. The next lady was completely different. She was about the same age as the first lady but wore a fanny pacy and a canvas bag across her shoulder. She had black tapered pants on and a chenille sweater from the early 80's. She was buying two gallons of 2% milk, horseradish, Worsteshire (I KNOW that is spelled wrong) sauce and six boxes of tissues. AND she smelled like patchouli. Which is ok if your dressed in flowy skirts and flip flops, but not dressed in winter clothes on a 70 degree day in November! (B.O, EW!)

So now you know, I judge people unfairly! I know other people are doing it too (sub- or unconsciously) so I can be a little less self conscious when I'm out in publik. (You Ron White "Tater Salad" Fans will get that one.)
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