Wednesday, November 09, 2005
What a way to start a Humpday!
Want a laugh? This is worth the three seconds it takes.

1- Go to

2- Type in "Failure", without the quotes

3- Instead of hitting "Search" hit "I'm feeling Lucky"

4- See what comes up!

5- Tell your friends before the people at Google fix it.

You get this if they haven't fixed it yet.

**GUFFAW** (I always wanted to use that word and now seemed a good a time as any.)

Also some great news on the home front. I have been appointed President of the Suck It Easy Fan Club by Tim Easy the previous singer. YAY! I am so excited.

This was the email he sent me:

Hi Ruby,

No one needs any stalkers, that's for sure. I was chatting with Chris Easy, and we are both in agreement that you should become the official President of our Suck It Easy Fan Club. As far as ideas go, I dont really have anything in mind, or in place. But you'd have 100% complete freedom to create an official living breathing Fan Club from scratch, any way that you choose. Mailing list? Newsletter? Contests with prizes for the winners? Fundraisers? Bandmember birthday announcements? Bumper stickers? Kneepads for girls? Any ideas you can come up with would be great.

By the power invested in me, I hereby declare you the President of our Suck It Easy Fan Club. Tell everyone! You rock!

Lotsa love, TC

How awesome is that?! So does anyone have any ideas on what to do. I have already started a website and I have a contest running to find a name for the club.
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