Thursday, December 01, 2005
At the risk of sounding still intoxicated from last night's merrymaking, I will attempt to describe my night last night. It DID involve Jack Daniels, the Freemasons, Hippies (yes with a capital H) and Monty Python. Wow, my friends are weird. ;)

To start, Last night was originally supposed to be a laundry night (considering I haven't done laundry in oh about two weeks.) Then I came home on my lunch hour from work to bring Hub lunch and my day wasn't going too well. Hub suggested we get a movie from Blockbuster and make it a relaxing night. I perked up at that. I've been really busy lately and a relaxing night sounded fine. Alas that was not to be. When I got home for the evening, Hub was still in bed, (that's another story altogether) so I laid down with him. Then the phone rang. It was our friend Spanky, who called to say that our other friend's (A.G.) last day at Evil Bookstore (EB for short)(no I'm not telling which one) was yesterday. This was significant in the fact that our current group of friends became THE CIRCLE at this EB. Our friend A.G. was the last holdout who hadn't gotten another job yet. Well now he has and he starts the new job Monday. So a celebration was in order. Ok. No Problem. A relaxed night was planned. We were to go to AG's house and get intoxicated and watch Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. Ok well I still get my movie even if I have to got out to see it. Still ok. No Problem. We just had to wait for AG to get doen with what he was doing. Which ended up being A MEETING WITH THE FREEMASONS! Yes he is going to be a mason. Ok! After I cracked umpteen jokes about secret cults and paddlings, we waited for AG's call to let us know he was done. Well 8:30 came around, 9:00 came around. No call. Hub started to get hungry so we had our customary mini fight about what to eat. (Bit O Background: I haven't cooked in about 6 months, so we normally order in or go pick up. There are quite a few places to take out around us so it's convenient) Hubs finally decided he wanted wonton soup. I was all like,"Great CTH, delivers so I don't have to drive!" Well that didn't go well, because there is a minimum order so it would be too expensive. Ok So I ordered and then went to go pick it up. So we watched the whale episode of South Park & ate wonton soup. South Park was just over (BTW, by now it's like 10 pm and I have to be at work at 9 am. None of the other people have to work the next day.) and AG calls. The masons were over his house for two hours interviewing him. He says there is also a change of plans. Another two friends want to join us but they haven't eaten yet so they want to go to Applebee's. Ok Applebee's serves alchohol. I'm game. As long as I still get to watch my movie. ( I was hanging on to that movie for dear life!) We get over to AG's house and there are three guys standing in front of his house. I THINK it is Ag and our two other friends. So I go over to say hi. BUT, once I get over there, I realize it is not them. I don't know who they are so me and my big mouth say,"Who are you guys!?" Like they're trespassing on my land or something.(and I started laughing hysterically because I'm nervous) The dude looks at me like I'm high and says, "I'm just a friend." I continue to put my foot in my mouth and say,"Well I thought you were someone else. You look like someone I know." He shoots back,"I get that all the time." I am so embarassed. And go into the house worried that I ruined AG's chances. He just laughs at me. He knows this is normal behavior from me. Well plans at that point got beyond my grasp and I just went along for the ride. We ended up going to the Velvet Lounge for drinks, eating Subway at 2am and then watching Monty Python back at AG's house.

All in all it was a fun night and sort of the end of an Era.

(pardon the rambling today, I'm a bit tired as we didn't get home till 3:30 am. and it's now only ten AM.)

(If any of you read this: I love you Gina, Jeff, Mike, Jonathan, and of course Dustin!)

Oh MY GOODNESS! I almost forgot. Today is Mike's 24th Birthday. and My S-I-L Amanda Rose's 16th birthday!

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*****(ED. NOTE: Go click on my renter. Yes I have a new renter after a couple weeks without one. So go check her out. She's a rip!)
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