Friday, December 02, 2005
Sicky Poo
So i've caught the bug that had Mabel sick yesterday. But I am up, awake, and at work. Meh.

It seems (maybe just to me because I am sick) that all day people have been talking to me and trying to get me to talk bad about other people. I went to the coffee shop and the owner who I haven't seen for months was there. She started asking me how things were with my mother. Those things were SOOOOOOO two years ago. But then I started telling her about the issues with my lil bro and it just snowballed into how my family is psycho. I really love my family. I don't want to talk about how psycho they are. I want to talk about how sweet they are (when they want to be). Then someone else was talking to me about heating oil and the thermostat and it ended up on a rant about how my landlord doesn't get heating oil till we wake up freezing and completely out of oil. He's not a bad guy. Not at all. He's just not really considerate of fellow building dwellers.

Ugh, sick, can't breathe, or swallow.

I love my hubby, my mom & brother, my m-i-l, b-i-l, & s-i-l, my cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, ALL MY FRIENDS, coworkers, the verizon guy, Mother Nature & santa Claus.

(Did I get everybody?)

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BONUS!: This is my (from left to right) my lil bro, my cousin's wife Karen, my cousin John just back from Iraq, and his mom, my Aunt Marylou. This is from Thanksgiving the other day when my mom went down to Virginia. Aren't they cute!

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And YAY! Scott Stapp (from Creed) is making an ARSEHOLE of himself again. I really hate that guy.
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