Thursday, December 15, 2005
Bad Blogger
So as usual I've been scattered. I know I haven't gotten to read or comment on all my blogger friends, yet they still visit me and show me love. I promise I will get to y'all before the end of the day.

Some changes have been afoot in the Ho Hum Household. Hubby has decided to quit his job. The reason behind this is what transpired on Saturday (which as y'all can see below was tattoo day.)

That day was supposed to be very special for my Hubs. He never knew his father and his brother never knew his father either so the boys are very close. Hubs is like a father to his brother because there is such an age difference. Almost ten years. so Barry's 18th birthday was kind of a triumph for both of them. He made it and is doing ok. The ultimate celebration for them was getting tattooed together. Whenever you get tattooed with someone you kind of become a soulmate in a sense. You two have done something together that will last forever. Hubs had planned this day forever and had taken the day off a month beforehand.

Hubs immediate boss, the sales manager (the next boss up is the club manager and then the region manager, who are all in the club and can all sell memberships) quit last Friday. He gave no notice. Unfortunately the management panicked. They called Hubs in in the morning for two hours, then expected him to come right back to the club after getting tattooed. Meanwhile the club manager would be there until Hubs got back. Well Hubs was pissed. There were other people who could do his job and the club would be staffed. Why did he need to come in? Then Hub's friend who was getting tattooed (the one who I jumped out of the chair for) was told he couldn't leave until 4 pm. The club manager had to leave. Because he wasn't supposed to be there, it wasn't his day to work. So when hubs got back to work after dropping off his brother there was no one there anyway!

Hubs has pretty much been getting screwed from the beginning. He works on commission with a small salary and from the beginning it wasn't what they promised him when he started there. So he decided that he has had enough. We should be alright to get through the holidays with my two checks and whatever job hubs starts. We also have my Christmas bonus, which although not extravagant because I work for a small business, is significant.

So that is why I'm a bit scattered lately. I haven't started my Christmas shopping because of that and I feel anxious. Not that we buy expensive gifts for everybody but this year we have 27 people to buy for. We have made a lot of really special friends this year who we want to acknowlege at this time of year. We want our gifts to have meaning too.

Do you guys have any ideas for meaningful inexpensive gifts? Or gifts you are giving to people that have special meaning.

And I Promise I'll be by to see Y'all!

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