Friday, August 12, 2005
Interview Meme
I got tagged! (again!)

These questions are from Zazzafooky who may I say is Freaking Hilarious! Go visit her but come back to me, pretty please. If you want to be interviewed (with questions I make up) leave me a comment. This is sure to be wonky!

1) You think you are manic-depressive. Describe your most manic state.

My most manic state would have to be when I am worrying about something. You see dearies, I don't get depressed at that point like a normal person. I go in to ridiculous speed mode. I will clean, paint, talk on the phone, watch T.V., take a shower and drive a car all at the same time. Just to keep my mind off what I am worrying about. (Yes I am a superior multi-tasker! :P)

2) What is something you aren't good at but love doing?

Singing. I can't hold a note, sing on key or follow a melody. But I will turn up any song that is rockin and sing like nobody's business. My husband is constantly threatening me that he's going to put me on the VH1 show, Motormouth. That's where they secretly videotape people singing badly in their cars and give the worst one a prize. So y'all may see me on T.V. yet!

3) What about you do most people like?

This, I think, is a serious question. People most like the fact that I will never judge a person until I get to know them. If I meet someone new, I will try and give them the benefit of the doubt if they're being an ass. The flip side of that is if I know you and you do something to hurt one of my friends, I'll be all over you like white on rice. SO, Don't f**k with me, ya hear!

4) What is your grossest habit, if not gross, how about annoying?

I have to put things back in exactly the same place where they came from. My hubby gets so crazy about this. He can find anything, anywhere, anytime. Me if I don't put it back, it's lost forever. This also extends to straightening shelves at the grocery store, Walmart, etc. :}

5) What would people Not like most about you?

I am blunt, tactless, abrasive, etc. I tell people how I see it and if they don't like it, too bad. I also tend to have the worst things come out of my mouth at the worst times. I'm the person who is always yelling, "porno", when everybody else decides to stop talking. I have come to terms with the fact that I am inappropriate. Some other people, not so much.

There are my questions, people. If you want to be interviewed let me know, and Monday I'll send you some.

Hopefully Monday I'll have some pics of my new tattoo, too. Yay! Tomorrow is tattoo day, tomorrow is tattoo day!
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