Wednesday, August 10, 2005
Funny Italians & Brain Farts
I was going to write a post today about my Hubby's extended family today. I got the idea from Old Guy. Hubby's family is Old School Italian and crazy as hell. But then the moment passed and I couln't figure out why they were crazy. Doh! I hate when that happens. So you're going to get more bits & pieces from me today. I think I'm PMS'ing. But I can't remember when I last had my period because I stopped taking those horrid birth control pills. So I'm just blaming all my crankiness on PMS. Kind of a catchall excuse, dontcha think? ;P

I've started taking my vitamins again. I hope they don't make my pee all glowing like Fidget. I think I might need to excercise tonight. I am getting very lax in that department lately. But, (insert whine here) I did organize the bookshelves on Monday night!

I'm still waiting to get my new tattoo. I think Saturday will be the day. While we're waiting for pics of the new tat, here is the pic from Hubby's newest tat.

Image hosted by

And don't we all have days when we just want to do this:

Image hosted by

Come on, I know you wanna! ;P
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