Tuesday, August 09, 2005
Tuesday Music Trivia (& other stuff)
"My brakes are on fire,
from tryin to slow down,
I'm always burnin my tires,
and my horn is too loud.
I catch people starin,
lookin funny at me,
when I step to the window,
and toss the T.V."

Good Luck Everybody!

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1) I have come to the conclusion that I need ALOT of attention. EX. I am constantly thinking up ways to get attention, even if I don't do anything about it. And most of the things I say are designed to draw attention.

2) I need to get back into painting. It is a release for me and I have missed that. (also photography, see pic above, yes that is my shadow)

3) I was shocked the other day, when my hubby said he wouldn't mind me getting breast implants. Now I have wanted them for awhile. My breasts are uneven in size and I am very self conscious about it. I thought that he didn't approve so I kind of put the thought away for a more appropriate time. I am sort of excited now. Granted we do nearly have the financial end covered, but that gives me time to research.

4) I just took hubby to work. He had just shaved before I took him and had put on the aftershave gel I bought him. It is Gillette Skin Soothing Aftershave Gel. It smells soooooooo good. I just melt when I smell it. Then he kissed me before he left and now I smell like it. MMMMMM!

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  • At August 9, 2005 at 12:58:00 PM EDT, Blogger Jason said…

    I think you may like my most recent Philosophical Question of the Day (PQD) on my PQD Blog regarding police searches and terrorism.


    If you're interested in photography, you can also check out my photo site, NegativeSpace.


  • At August 10, 2005 at 10:56:00 AM EDT, Blogger zazzafooky said…

    I love hugging & kissing the hubby right after he's put on the cologne. Yummy :-)

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