Wednesday, December 21, 2005
...With a Vengeance!

My first rant this morning is how white people should not say the word, "bling." I was listening to the radio this morning and heard a commercial for the jewelry department at Fortunoff. Fortunoff, for pete's sakes! I know eventually we all with be the same shade of bronze and there will be no race but for now... no bling. Period. It's just not right.

Second rant (or not so much of a rant but a plea). Please go to Dear Abby and send a message of holiday cheer to a servicemember overseas. As much as my family drives me crazy and I dread seeing them, I think I would be unbearably upset if I didn't see them for Christmas. Our servicemembers deserve all the comfort we can give them. Whether you support the war or not, these brave men and women are doing what their country asks, and I think that is wonderful.

For all of you who signed up for Image hosted by, THANKS! I got points for you guys signing up. :)

Third, I thought this was freaking hilarious so I am reprinting this without permission from the author. It is in an email that I get from TSHirt Hell. They have the greatest stuff. I just want to buy everything.

----- Original Message -----

From: Rock F.
Sent: Thursday, December 15, 2005 1:50 PM
Subject: Fw: Baby T-Shirts "NOT AMUSED"

"This was sent to us and we are not amused" The person who sent this to
us thought it to be funny.Not even close! I am sending it back
To whoever may have a conscience;

I cannot believe a company would target "infants wear" with adult
I cannot believe that anyone would find these to be funny & purchase
I cannot believe that anyone with a conscience; anyone who loves their
children would put these t-shirts with these sayings on them and
make them wear it.
I went to the web site to see what else is sold there. No surprise that
the adult shirts are belittling and degrading to both men & women.
It's one thing to target adults with this product; they can make their
choices; but don't subject the infant who cannot speak for him or


(Editor's Note: Rock, I am sorry your friend sent you an email with
pictures of babies wearing funny t-shirts. Clearly he thought you had
a sense of humor. I mean after all, your name is Rock. Maybe your
friend was stoned? Stoned, get it Rock? Sorry, I'll stop making fun of your
It's impolite, and those of us with normal names sometimes take it for

Children are not harmed by funny t-shirts, if you discount the ones who
work 12 hours a day in our factory. And those children are only harmed when
they don't listen. I don't think our adult shirts are degrading or
belittling, although some styles are quite slimming. Again, I am sorry your friend
sent you that email that upset you, but I want to repeat that we had nothing
to do with it. We also have nothing to do with the emails you get about
how to make your willy longer, and how to keep it hard for more than a minute.
(Those are from your wife.)

Fourth, but certainly not least, my Wishlist for Santa for my blogger friends. (I apologize to my jewish blogger friends, if I have any.)

To Mabel, some express shipping and a HUGE fluffy cat, preferably white.

To Shaunta, some cold medicine and all my prayers for a better life.

To Tammy, the biggest hug in the world for all her support, and some photoshopped pictures from her youth that don't have bad fashion in them. :)

To Misty, a respite from the craziness (y'all can come to my house) and her fondest wish (which I can't print here but she knows.

To DayByDay4-2Day, some heavy duty chains for her son, and a Santa ornament.

To Bonanza, a retail store like that which will not be named, all to herself with all of her favorite things in it. AND a carton of Marlboro Menthols and a Sam Kinison DVD.

To Lucinda, more embarrassing moments with her daughters.

To OldGuy, lots of hits and comments on his new and improved blog.

To Spider Walk, many, many more years of blogging and making new friends.

To Daisy, new socks and better health.

To Armaedes, a nympho girlfriend/wife and some little blue pills.

I think I got everybody. If I missed someone , Please let me know.

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