Monday, August 29, 2005
Spam, Metal, & Sadness
So I have broken down and added verification to my comments. Sorry for all of you who hate it. I didn't add it for any reason other than when I get a comment it goes to my email. I love opening my email in the morning and seeing all of your fun comments. They make me smile. But if I open a comment and it is spam, I'm so disappointed. :( So there, spammers!

Last night a friend and I went to see Alice Cooper and Cheap Trick in concert at our local ampitheatre. OMG! What a great show. I went in to see Cheap Trick and came out an Alice Cooper fan. I got a cool tshirt too. And when Cheap Trick was done playing, the guitar player took off his jacket and he was wearing the tshirt that I picked.

Lastly, please pray or meditate or do whatever y'all do to send good vibes to my husband's Aunt Margaret. She is hubby's grandmother's sister and she is one cool lady. I only recently met her when she came to our wedding two summers ago, but I instantly loved her. She lives in Florida (We're in NY). She had gone in a few days ago for triple bypass surgery and was doing somewhat ok. We got the news last night that she had had a stroke and is not expected to live past the next few days. I got the news during the show and just tried to enjoy the show for her. I know she would have wanted that.

So here's to you Aunt Margaret! We Love You!
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