Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Do they call this nesting???
So after I was up until 4 am this morning and then slept until 3 pm (after getting up at 6:30 am to take Hubs and his sister to work and school) I decided to try and start to tackle the mountain of laundry that is outside on the patio. A bit of background on this first.

I don't hang anything up. To me it seems like a waste of time. To wit, I buy most of my clothes for how well they resist wrinkles. ;) We currently have a normal six drawer low dresser from my childhood bedroom set and also a tall skinny dresser from that set. When we decided to purchase our first pieces of furniture together, we decided on a bookcase and a queen size captain's bed from Gothic Cabinet Craft, which is a furniture store local here that sells good quality wood furniture. Because it was a custom piece, we decided to get the bed made with six drawers on each side so it would be like two extra dressers. One for each of us. This turned out great. The drawers go all the way to the middle of the bed so they are really deep and hold all of our stuff. And the bed will last forever because it is made of full pieces of wood not plywood or pressboard. The only hitch is my total lack of an ability to finish laundry. I can get the laundry into the washer and then to the dryer. But then from the dryer to the basket, the clothes kind of stay in the basket, unfolded until they are worn. SO our beautiful drawers have been mostly empty for the two years we have had our bed. I had finally contained most of the clothes to the alcove we had downstairs.

(ASIDE: We are living with Hubs' grandmother since last Feb.1, the basement is finished with 3 bedrooms, a bathroom and a living room with alcove. The upstairs (ranch house) has three bedrooms, a bathroom, living room and kitchen, along with an enclosed patio where the w/d is.We had taken one of the bedrooms downstairs when we moved in. When we moved here, Hubs' cousin had one of the bedrooms upstairs along with grandma's room and the third bedroom was the computer room/office. The two downstairs rooms were vacant. Since, Hubs' brother and sister (19 and 17 yrs old) have moved in after my mother in law passed away, taking the two rooms downstairs. Also the cousin has moved out to her own apt. We decided that because the room we were going to make for the baby, was now taken up by hubs sister, we would move our bedroom upstairs and make the computer room the baby's room. This would prevent the baby's room from getting too cold (the basement is a bit drafty) and also eliminate the need for me to be walking up and down stairs too much as I got more and more pregnant. Since the kitchen is upstairs too.)

So just as I had got it all contained, we moved everything around. My brother in law collected all the laundry baskets and Tupperware bins I had the clothes in and lugged them all out to the patio for me. Yippee! Now the mountain is contained in the patio, where I don't see it unless I have to. Two factors, I believe, are what's holding me back from getting organized. Which I know I have to do before the baby comes and adds more to the pile.
1) I hate folding clothes by myself. It's boring and annoying. Meh!
2) Half the clothes either don't fit me or hubs and yet still hang around.

I am slowly weeding out the things that have to go. But, there are many clothes that have sentimental value. My husband's well worn concert tshirts, which he cannot get rid of (we have agreed to frame them but that takes work... and organization) and many clothes my aunt gave me (she has since passed away) from when she was my age in the 70's. Which barely ever fit me, but I can't get rid of. All these pieces seem to get repeatedly tossed in the dirty pile or hubs tosses his dirty stuff on top of them and then I don't know what is what. And so the pile grows. So with the help of hub's grandma, I am slowly washing, drying, folding and putting away, all these clothes.

From there that turns into what else can we do while the wash is going. Right now since we moved our bedroom upstairs, my brother in law has taken our old room (which is bigger) and we have moved the dining room table (which was on one side of the long living room upstairs) downstairs to the alcove for a poker set up. We still have the kitchenette set in the kitchen, but since the computer room is going to be the baby's room, the computer table/desk, etc will be moved into the living room. Right now though, all the baby stuff is just piled in the empty corner. So as we are waiting, Gram asks me if I have started packing for the hospital yet. I said not yet, and that starts her into action. ;) She goes into the attic and starts looking for a bag for me (even though I probably have one somewhere), and comes up with a small rolling suitcase. Then she finds in the attic the crocheted blanket, gown and receiving blanket my hubs came home from the hospital in. SO we now have to decide what the baby will be coming home in. My mom had bought a few things too (Most of mine and my brother's stuff was damaged in a leaky basement). So I want to be fair and use something from each of them. That's the difficult part, deciding what to use. So that is what I have to decide soon. Then also we have to pick a pediatrician; and I have to finish packing; and get our taxes; AND FINISH THE FREAKIN LAUNDRY!

Five weeks is going to go way too fast, I just know it. Wish me luck. ;)
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