Thursday, January 19, 2006
Drive, Pack, Shop, in that order.
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Do y'all remember Mr. Belvedere?

I do and it was one of those shows that you couldn't stop watching. I always wondered how Mr. Belvedere had any privacy. It seemed like everyone was always walking into his bedroom without knocking. HMMM... the things we remember.

I don't have much today but here's a look at my schedule for the past few and next few days:

9 AM to 5 PM: Work (& Blog :))
5 - 5:45: Drive home listening to the Radiochick
5:45-6:00: Pack the car.
6:00-6:30: Drive to new Apt, unload, drive back.
6:30-7:00: Pack the car.
7:00-7:30: Drive to new Apt, unload, drive back.
7:30-8:00: Pack the car.
8:00-8:30: Drive to new Apt, unload, drive back.
8:30-9:30: Shop. Wanted this:
But got this:
9:30-10:00: Pack the car.
10:00-10:30: Drive to new Apt, unload, drive back.
10:30-11:00: Pack the car.
11:00: Turn on TV till blissful relief of sleep comes.
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