Wednesday, August 31, 2005
So I just got back from jury duty. It was my first time. I'm surprised it took this long to call me. I'm 25. Oh well... It was an interesting experience. I reported this morning and was called into the first room with about 30 other people. The two lawyers were there for the plaitiff and the defense (it was a civil trial). Now in the county court where I went the jury was composed of 6 members not 12 like normal. So there were 6 seats up front by the lawyers. They picked the first 6 people out of a lottery and questioned them. They asked things like: Do you know any of the the parties or the lawyers in the suit? Do you think a physician can make a mistake?(It was a malpractice suit.) Do you think you can be fair and impartial? It was kind of fun to see how this stuff works. I did get dismissed (YAY!) because I work for an insurance company and because I'm studying to be a nurse. I guess they considered me too knowlegable to be fair and impartial in those fields. Hey, works for me. I got my proof of service stamped and I won't get called again for six years. By that time I plan to be a mom and not able to leave my kids. ;) I am glad I didn't actually have to stay because my boss's oldest daughter is going off to college this weekend and his wife is my backup. She's so swamped with getting stuff ready for her daughter, it was kind of hard for her to come in.

**UPDATE** Aunt Margaret is doing ok. They think she will live now. They are not sure if she'll be able to talk again or what kind of brain damage the stroke caused. Thank you all for your kind words.

And now for the funny: In keeping with today's theme(?)(look at the license plate and then the tag at the bottom):
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  • At September 1, 2005 at 12:14:00 PM EDT, Blogger Tammy said…

    I'm 29 and have NEVER been called to jury duty. Even though I would love to serve.

    I don't think they'd pick me though. I'm a paralegal in a defense firm. Think I'm a little too biased for them!

    Glad to hear Aunt Margaret is doing better.

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