Friday, May 20, 2005
I am a CSI freak
and I have a dancing cactus with a mexican hat playing the guitar as my mouse cursor. Life is Good! TGIF, everybody! So the first barbecue of the summer is going to be on Sunday. I am thinking of making Margaritas and getting sloshed. Anyone want to come?

I can't wait until I can be outside all night in nothing but a tank top and shorts. Summer is my season. I hate being cold but I love being hot and sweaty. The less clothes the better (hubby feels the same way). :P

I watched the season finale of CSI last night and OMIGOSH, it was amazing! I laughed , I cried, I genereally made a fool of myself and was completely satisfied with how this season ended. Also the fact that Quentin Tarantino directed the episode just made it all better. Quentin is the Man! Well, the second man, Hubby is definately the FIRST MAN!

Who can tell me where this is from: "Move your big toe!"
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