Monday, June 20, 2005
And the walls start crumbling down
This weekend was a doozy. Friday we went out with my M-I-L because it was her birthday and got totally plastered. We brought my cousin, the Princess, and since she just recently turned 21 we let her cut loose.

Well, she drank:
1 Gin & Tonic
1 Tom Collins
a shot of Blackhaus
a Long Island Iced Tea
2 Flaming Dr. Peppers (a glass of beer with an shot in it, i forget what the shot was though) and you have to pound the beer because it tastes like poo if you don't

My poor Princess was wasted but had a great time. M-I-L had a good time too.

Saturday was the Annual Family Picnic and well... that is a story for another time.

Saturday night our friends had their Last Hurrah party because they are moving out of that house on June 30th. Parties at this house seem to get crazy. To the point that some people have burned pieces of furniture in the fire pit they had in the backyard. Needless to say this party was no different. We played many, many games of Asshole and then the call was made to burn FYE staff shirts. (Alot of people worked there and were disgruntled.) Luckily we talked everyone down. But then J showed up. With the biggest blunt you have ever seen. Yes the night started downhill from there.

So after this blunt disappeared (very quickly) people started getting crazy. I myself had had, oh, about 6 strawberry daquiris. (They left the blender unattended :P) and the room was spinning. I went to the bathroom to get sick and the bathroom window was open. Well outside the window was Blondie and Debbie Gibson( DG for short), The Bitch and the Bitch's brother's girlfriend.

ED. Note: The reason my friends are moving out of this 4 bedroom house is because Blondie & DG are moving to Philly together and the rest of the roomates; Lovey, who is my best friend, Spanky, my friend who is originally from Boston and who is the Bitch's boyfriend, and M, another friend, cannot afford the rent with out Blondie & DG. They are looking for a house but might not be able to find one before June 30th. Now, Lovey is a Grad student at NYU's The New School, a crazy demanding curriculum. AND finals just ended, so Lovey was writing 70 page papers and looking for a house at the same time. The roomates decided Lovey would look for the house because everyone else works full time. Lovey can go and stay with her parents and so can M but Spanky would have no place to go because the Bitch's parents won't let him stay with her. (They are both 27 yrs old.) Hubby and I offered Spanky our couch until they find something and he accepted.
End of ED.Note

So there I was sitting on the floor of the bathroom ready to heave when I hear the foursome above talking about my girl, Lovey. The Bitch is bitching(he, he) about how Lovey is complaining that she is so stressed about finding a house. The Bitch is barking about how Lovey's parents are so fucking rich and they pay all her bills and how she, the Bitch has to pay all her own bills, and how Spanky can't afford all the houses Lovey is looking at, etc, etc, etc. I saw red at that point. How dare she talk like that about Lovey! This girl practically lives at this house. She contributes nothing to the house and fights with Spanky all the time.(To the point that Spanky punched a tree and broke his hand)

So, I decided to go out there and give her a piece of my mind. I walked over to the sliging glass door, opened it and said straight to her face, "How dare you say that about Lovey when Spanky will be living on my fucking couch if she can't find anything!"

Well all hell broke loose then. I got into a huge argument with the Bitch. Then Hubby and I left.

Needless to say Hubby is not happy and things are strained.

I need good vibes people!
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