Tuesday, January 11, 2005
Hey All!
So Ho Hum What? is kinda how my life goes. Ho Hum, Ho Hum, Ho Hum, then What!!!!!!!!! Days & Days of nothing going on then Smack! something catastrophic happens. (or so it may seem to me).

Here are some of my favorite things:

"Well -- the building stands ...
It is yours for what it has cost you.
It is mine for what it has cost me.
And it is for all mankind ...
Whatever its birth pangs,
it will take its place as your contribution and mine
to the vexed life of our time."
- Frank Lloyd Wright in a letter to Aline Barnsdall

You can, after all, have ethnic and gender pluralism along with intellectual uniformity. The Bush
Cabinet is the case study of a multicultural rainbow of political clones.

Jarrod Moses, CEO and president of Alliance, branding and marketing expert: "Three New Year's resolutions to live
my life by ... 1. Instinct is stronger than upbringing; 2. The work praises the man;
3. An inch of time is an inch of gold, but you can't buy that inch of time with an inch of gold."

Let that sink in a bit, and
Have a Hummy Day!
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